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All About Mrs. Scott

Hi there!
My name is Kelly Scott.  I live in Hitchcock with my husband, Chris, and son, Will.  
I graduated from Clear Creek High School in 2001.  While there are participated in choir, theater arts, and DECA.  After that, I attended College of the Mainland.  My primary focus was in the humanities and literature.  I knew I had to head to a four year institute afterwards, but where?
I ended up at The University of Texas in Austin.  I fell in love with the city and the school.  While there I participated in a campus Christian group and took dance classes.  My internship placed me in a Cohort that specialized in Reading Instruction.  In three short years, I graduated and it was an amazing day to wrap up an amazing experience.
I took a job in Pasadena ISD at Garfield Elementary.  I worked in 1st Grade for three years.  My mentor during those years was a Reading Recovery trained teacher.  Her methods in the classroom were unlike any I had ever seen and I knew one day I wanted to learn Reading Recovery too.  My 4th year teaching in Pasadena led me into a 3rd Grade classroom.
The following year I joined the Deer Park ISD family at Parkwood Elementary back in the first grade.  After a few years there, I was offered what I had wanted so badly in Pasadena!  I was offered the opportunity to become a Reading Recovery teacher.  I could not be happier I was accepted.  Becoming a Reading Recovery teacher made me look at Reading Instruction like a science.  We studied the process of learning down to the very molecule or in this case, phoneme.  It just made sense to me.  I taught half day Reading Recovery and the other half of the day I taught Language Arts and Social Studies in the classroom.  A few more years passed and I decided to try something a little different and closer to home.
I accepted a 1st Grade position in Clear Creek ISD at McWhirter Elementary.  It was very like Parkwood and it was easy to get settled in.  At the end of my first year there, I was asked if I would interested in becoming a Literacy Coach.  I loved Literacy, teaching kiddos, and sharing ideas with colleagues, so I thought, "Why not?"  In that time I was able to collaborate with teachers from Pre-K to 5th grade.  I was able to attend Coaching Academy and Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University in New York two years in a row.  It was an amazing experience.  I missed my Deer Park family though.
The next year I returned to Deer Park ISD, back at Parkwood in the 1st Grade.  I was also very excited to find my husband and I were expecting!  In the Spring, We had a beautiful boy named Will.  If having a baby change your life was not enough, I decided to head to 2nd grade.  In my years in 2nd grade, our team departmentalized.  I taught Language Arts and Social Studies twice a day to two groups of kiddos. 
Last Winter, I was offered the opportunity to step into a 7th grade Language Arts classroom.  This was something unlike anything I had ever done.  All the stars aligned and there was even someone that knew my kids as well as I did available to take over the 2nd Grade classroom.  So, I took the leap.  I could not be happier that I did.  I love the Bonnette family.  I look forward to continuing the adventure this year and all that comes with it!
A few of my favorite things:
  • Classroom Colors: Blue and green
  • Teams: Astros and Longhorns
  • Drink: Smart Water, Tea, or Coffee
  • Fast Food: Chick Fila or Whataburger
  • Book Genre: Fantasy or Horror
  • Stores: Target, Amazon, Hobby Lobby
  • Scents: Fall or Winter scents
  • Animals: French bulldog, otters, red panda
  • I collect: graphic novels, inspirational quotes