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Mrs. Willms's Schedule

I am available for student and/or parent contact during Bobcat Period or Seventh Period. 

Period Days: Mondays and Thursdays Days: Tuesdays and Fridays Time
1 Group MT1 Group TF1 8:00-8:50
2 Group MT2 Group TF2 8:53-9:46
3 Group MT3 Group TF3 9:49-10:39
4 Group MT4  Group TF4 10:45-11:35
BP Bobcat Period-Available Online Bobcat Period-Available Online 11:45-12:15
Lunch FOOD FOOD 12:15-12:45
5 Group MT5 Group TF5 12:45-1:35
6 Group MT6 Group TF6 1:38-2:28
7 Office Hour-Available Online Office Hour-Available Online 2:35-3:30