Jerry Cochran » Welcome to Mr. Cochran's Classroom!

Welcome to Mr. Cochran's Classroom!

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Jerry Cochran
 IPC and 8th Grade Science
 Room Number: 46
Phone: (832) 667-7043
Conference Time: 10:06 - 11:00 a.m. (Class Schedule)
Welcome to my science class!
I encourage parents to contact me with questions about their students. I will endeavor to keep you informed regarding the status of your child, important projects, and any information/activities that will help the success of our students.
For detailed information about assignments, homework, or missed lessons, please check in CANVAS.
Here is a detailed explanation for how to find Canvas:
Science is Awesome!
I am a father and a teacher.
I want to help our children find wonder and expand their horizons.
The world today is different now, more so than it was even a single generation ago. More than at any time before, we find ourselves racing to keep pace with the increasing complexity of our world. Driven by conflicting cultures and ideas, we face societal problems that are often complex, difficult to identify, and massively interconnected. Our best hope for a positive future lies with each successive generation. We must first encourage our children to think critically, embrace the strength of diverse peoples and ideas, and take pride in themselves. Our students are the future - they are our future - we must succeed together.
about me
I have been a College Administrator, an Information Technology Manager, a Project Coordinator, an accountant, and an author. I have achieved honors in each of these roles. I have a wonderful family and a strong support system. I face each day believing that I can make a difference.

One aspect of my life that has remained constant over the years is my love of science. Science is a way of thinking and knowing. By embracing science one learns the power of critical thought and the desire to question everything.