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What You Missed Language Arts

Week 8:
  • October 7th: CBA Review and Test Taking Strategies
  • October 8th: CBA
  • October 9th: Library/Book Project Work Day
  • October 10th: Poetry Characteristics (see file on Canvas-read the definitions, then identify in the given poems.  Teacher example below).  
  • October 11th: The Doors of Poetry-The Heart Door
    • Read poems that have to do with powerful emotions and memories.  Identify some of the characteristics we studied.  Student will refer back to their heart map and pick something to write a poem about.  Students will also try out one of the crafts we studied-simile or metaphor (student will pick one).
    • BOOK PROJECT DUE (Major grade)
    • Scholastic Book Orders Due
Week 7: Reading
  • September 30: How setting influences plot - Day 1
  • Sept 30
  • October 1: How setting influences plot - Day 2 (1st & 5th period must submit work to Canvas-GRADE)
  • October 1
  • October 2: How setting influences plot-Day 3/Objective and Subjective Point of View
  • October 3: Mood, Tone, and Voice
  • October 4: Star Ren-Reading/Book Project Day
Week 6: Reading 
  • September 23:
    • Greek/Latin root spec- (spectacles, speculate, etc)-Read words and clap their syllables
    • Plot-Linear and Nonlinear 
    • Sept 23
  • September 24:
    • Greek/Latin root spec- (spectacles, speculate, etc)-Ask students to select one of the words they see, use it in a sentence, and share the sentence with a partner orally.
    • Character Qualities and Traits
    • Sept 24
  • September 25: Library Day
  • September 26:
    • Greek/Latin root spec- (spectacles, speculate, etc)-Using a mentor text students will use context clues to understand what a new spec- word means
    • Character qualities/traits and their influence on plot
    • Sept 26
  • September 27:
    • Greek/Latin root spec- (spectacles, speculate, etc)-Quiz
    • Character traits/qualities in Poetry
    • Sept 27
Week 5: Writing
Week 4: Writing
  • September 9: Timed Writing (Building fluency in writing-GRADED)
  • September 10: STAR REN
  • September 11: Library Visit
  • September 12: Revising Writing with Ba-Da-Bing at the start of your narrative
  • September 13: Revising Writing with Ba-Da-Bing at the heart of your narrative
Week 3: Reading
  • September 2nd - No School
  • September 3rd - 
    • Set Up Notability
    • Notability
    • -logue vocabulary study
      • Students must find 5-10 words using -logue.  They must give the word, it's meaning, and use it in a sentence.  Vocabulary work due Friday, September 6th.
  • September 4th - 
    • Digital Citizenship - Email
  • September 5th - 
    • How Good Readers Select Texts and Start a  list of books to read
    • Selecting texts
  • September 6th - 
    • Social Contract for Class 
    • Bring a Sentimental item to class.
Week 2: Writing
  • August 26th - PBIS/Intruder Drill/Fire Drill
  • August 27th - 
  • August 28th -
    • Grammar: Complex Sentences Song
    • Planning: Students will select a memory from their Heart Map, then plan their writing by answering the 5 questions from the Kernel Essay
  • August 29th -
    • Grammar: Complex Sentences
    • Drafting:  Students will write their first narrative draft using their kernel essay as a plan.
  • August 30th -
    • Grammar: Complex Sentences
    • Drafting:  Students will write their first narrative draft using their kernel essay as a plan.
***Grammar Lessons are presented in an Invitational Grammar discussion in class.  The provided resources are incase a student was absent.
Week 1/August 21-23rd:
  • Get to Know You Games
  • Syllabus 
  • Class Rules and Expectations - Students worked in small groups to collect information on best practices in our classroom to present to their peers