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Class Schedule

Rachel Davenport
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Orchestra - 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

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Period Subject Location Schedule
Beginner Orchestra Room 50 8:00-8:50
2 Beginner Orchestra Room 50 8:53-9:43
3 Sinfonietta Orchestra Room 50 9:46-10:36


Chamber Orchestra Room 50 10:39-11:45

C Lunch

Chamber Orchestra Students Cafeteria 11:45-12:15

Bobcat Period

(4th Period)

Chamber Orchestra Students Room 50 12:15-12:45
5 Beginner Orchestra Room 50 12:45-1:35
6 Conference Period Room 50 1:38-2:28
7 Concert Orchestra Room 50 2:31-3:30

Due to accommodating social distancing multiple grade levels transitioning on campus, please allow a couple of minutes of discrepancy in the times above. 

For attendance purposes, students are responsible for completing assignments each day.

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