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Robotics Competition Team

The theme for Robotics is "Replay" powered by Star Wars, Force for Change 
All around us, there are opportunities to play and be active — from
open parks to cement courts, in our classrooms, and even when we’re
waiting in line. But more and more people are not active enough.

Playing makes being active more
fun. You get creative when you
want to play, and it’s this
creativity — your creativity — that can
help motivate us to be more active.
BJH Robotics competes in First Lego League. The competition consists of a robot game, research project, and a STEM challenge where students exhibit the 6 Core Values:
1. Innovation
2. Discovery
3. Inclusion
4. Innovation
5. Teamwork
6. FUN!
Robotics Coaches:
Mrs. Berridge
Mrs. Ward
Mrs. Ratliff